Create delightful delivery experiences

Spatula gives you the technology you need to provide world class on-demand delivery services direct to restaurants and other vendors from 17 cents per delivery

Watch Like a Hawk

Track every driver, every vendor and every delivery in real time

WeDispatch connects restaurant chains, brands and delivery teams with  customers.

Impress Everyone

Give drivers, restaurants and customers a great delivery experience

Optimise Your Team

Use customisable dispatch algorithms to optimise your team

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Automatic Job Assignment

Optimise deliveries with flexible dispatch strategies. Define dispatch policies based on driver group, proximity to the pickup and number of jobs assigned. Create a dispatcher by assigning one or more policies with a time delay. Assign dispatcher by restaurant or even job by job

Delivery Tracking for Customers

Live, branded driver tracking. Fully customisable driver tracking campaigns. Define unlimited different tracking link designs for different products, different clients or just different days of the week.

Online Delivery Request Forms

Give each restaurant a simple online form to submit delivery requests